Are You Ready for Coaching?

How many of the following questions can you say an enthusiastic "Yes!" to:


  • I have goals I REALLY want to achieve!

  • I can be relied upon to be on time for all coaching appointments.

  • I am willing to:


  • take steps to achieve my goals

  • eliminate/change unproductive ways of thinking and behaving

  • make changes in my life

  • complete any “homework” my coach assigns me

  • I am eager to be honest with a life coach about my life, what I am going through, what I really want and need, etc.

  • I am looking forward to sharing my goals, hopes and dreams!

  • I am really excited to have regular weekly contact with a life coach who is personally invested in supporting and encouraging me - and who is committed to walking right alongside me!

  • I am open to:


  • fresh ideas and trying new things

  • looking at my situation in new ways

  • exploring the possibilities

  • being creative

  • taking appropriate risks, etc.

  • I see coaching as a worthwhile financial investment.  I can financially afford to pay for coaching – without feeling I am overextending myself.  

  • This is the right time for me to start coaching.  I have sufficient time in my schedule to regularly attend coaching appointments, and to work towards achieving my goals.

  • It has always been important to me to finish what I start!

  • I am ready to take full responsibility for changing my life, and for working towards my goals and dreams.  I WILL do the work involved. 


  • I will not deliberately sabotage the coaching process, or blame my life coach or others for my situation.  I understand that life coaching does not come with any guarantee of results. 

  • Yes!  A life coach is really what I am looking for!  I am not using life coaching as a substitute for counselling, a medical doctor, a lawyer, financial planner, or any other type of professional. 

  • If I feel I am not getting what I need from the coaching, I am able to immediately discuss it with my life coach – in a positive, productive and problem-solving way.  I am more than willing to partner with my life coach so that we can make changes to the coaching process.


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