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Welcome To Your Journey Through Grief

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Has a loved one recently passed away?  Are you struggling to adjust and come to terms with your loss? ​Are you ready to take some first steps forward in your life - but you are wondering how to honor your loved one's memory at the same time? Has some time passed and you are now ready to create meaning and purpose from your grief experience?  Are you ready to incorporate the loss into your life - and fully re-invest in life again? You don't need to go it alone.  We can do this together. In this program, you will discover practical strategies to help you as you navigate your grief journey. Receive powerful questions for reflection, fillable/printable worksheets for your use, actionable ideas, and support and encouragement. Discover new strategies related to: 1. First Steps In Adjusting To Your Loss 2. As You Continue To Adjust To Your Loss 3. Creating Your New Normal 4. Finding Meaning & New Purpose Out Of Your Loss 5. Re-Investing In Life Again 6. Honoring Your Loved One's Memory 7. Looking Forward Into Your New Future Grief is a unique and ongoing journey for everyone. So this program self-paced, with no time limit for completion.

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