Coaching Focus Areas:

Reducing the Stress of Major Life Transitions:

Planning for/Adjusting to Retirement (Non-Financial Aspects of Retirement Only)

What if it was possible to:

  • Assess your current readiness to retire?

  • Create a plan to help you become ready to retire – instead of just retiring and then struggling to adjust after-the-fact?

  • Challenge typical self-limiting and negative beliefs about retiring – and develop your own positive and optimistic mindset about what retirement will mean for YOU?

  • Let go of your previous, work-related identity/status a little easier – and live into a personally fulfilling new identity/status?

  • Develop new, personally meaningful and satisfying goals to pursue - ways in which you can still contribute and make a difference? 

  • Enjoy fun hobbies, rewarding volunteer activities, engaging new learning opportunities, going on trips to places you always wanted to see, etc. in your retirement?

  • Manage health, family and caregiving-related challenges a little easier?

  • Have fun ... be a little zany - and just shake things up a bit?




Moving Forward After the Death (or Other Loss) of a Loved One


What are the possibilities for:

  • Finding new ways to adjust to your loss and move forward in your life - even just a little…? 

  • Being able to answer a lot more of your “What now?  What do I do now?” questions?

  • Identifying what kinds of help and support you need from significant and caring people in your life?

  • Creating meaning out of your loss and incorporating the loss into the whole of your life? 

  • Creating new meaning and purpose for your life, discovering what goals and pursuits will be important to you now – the ones that can still make life feel worth living, and give you a reason to smile again?

  • Redefining yourself independent from your loss and reinvesting in life again?

  • Living well – without guilt - despite your loss?

  • Celebrating and honoring your loved one’s life by creating a well-lived life?


 Need to Change Careers (or Re-Energize Your Current Career)?


How exciting and energizing would it be if you could:


  • Discover your real work-related strengths, values and passions?

  • Figure out all the things are “must-haves” in your next career?

  • Decide what career area, type of work, work environment, etc. would most satisfy you and reflect who you are today?  (And what you NEVER want to do again!)

  • Establish a plan to move yourself from your current career to your next career – without leaving your current job?

  • Walk away from your dead-end job, your thankless work environment, your awful boss, feeling resigned to “just putting in time” until retirement?

  • Increase engagement and personal satisfaction in your current career?

  • Define what “career satisfaction”, “making a difference” and/or “renewed purpose and meaning” would mean for you at this stage of your career?

  • Create opportunities for growth, learning and advancement in your current career?

  • Seek out mentors, and other career-related professional supports, to assist you in advancing in your current field?

  • Jump out of bed every morning – excited to go to a job you absolutely love?

  • Be passionate about your work?

  • Be proud to tell people what you do for a living?




Becoming a Caregiver to Your Elderly Parent(s):


How would it feel to:

  • Figure out ways to balance your life/your own personal needs with the needs of your elderly parent?

  • Determine how you can still work towards your goals and dreams, while still being there for your parent?

  • Begin setting some boundaries with your elderly parent?

  • Find additional coping strategies so that you do not feel as overwhelmed, out of control, or at the “end of your rope” when dealing with your parent?

  • Decide what you can – and cannot control – relating to your parent?

  • Put increased supports in place for your parent and identify news ways to promote your parent’s independence to the greatest degree possible?



New Health Diagnosis/Ongoing Chronic Illness Challenges:


Do you need to develop a plan for:


  • Getting your health-related questions answered, communicating with your doctor and other medical professionals involved in your care.

  • Identifying the necessary personal and social supports you need now, communicating your needs to loved ones.

  • Adjusting to this “new normal” while maintaining normal daily activities, hobbies and social activities, to the greatest extent possible.

  • Maintaining your personal identity and your self-esteem - instead of defining yourself by your illness.

  • Finding continued meaning and purpose in your life, exploring how your spirituality/faith can assist you at this challenging time.

  • Continuing to work towards your goals and dreams, and a meaningful and satisfying future.

  • Creating your own personal success story!



Dealing With Menopause:


How personally empowering would it be to: 

  • Have a safe and supportive place to discuss your menopause experience thus far?  To discuss your fears and worries? To be able to share what you are really going through?

  • Decide - for yourself - how you will navigate through your menopause journey from this point forward?

  • Explore conventional beliefs and attitudes about menopause - and dispense with all those beliefs and attitudes you no longer want to be influenced by?

  • Define your new identity from this point forward? 

  • To not have to settle into your post-menopausal years (or resign yourself) like some of the women you see around you doing? 

  • To get to decide for yourself who you will be - and who you will no longer be?

  • Get to explore what is currently working well in your life - and where you would really like to make some changes?

  • Create an exciting future to look forward to?  

  • What new goals and dreams will you have for this next chapter of your life?

  • What things have you always wanted to do - but it was never the "right time?"

  • How can you have more freedom... more fun... more joy... more satisfaction... more meaning and purpose in your life?

  • Manage any health, family and/or care giving challenges a little easier?

  • Feel stronger, and more confident and capable, etc. as you go through menopause?  To get to decide how you will be more proactive and more intentional in your life?


Rebuilding Your Life and/or Self-Esteem After a Significant Life Change or Event Caused By:

  • Chronic work addiction 

  • Job/Career "burnout" (or "rust-out")

  • Being a chronic target of workplace bullying or sexual harassment

 How much of a difference would it make in your life to be able to:

  • Move forward from resulting losses and decide what you want for your life now?

  • To be able to take some initial steps towards an improved future?

  • Explore lessons learned from painful experiences and use them to create change?

  • Define for yourself what work-related and personal "success" will look like for you now?

  • Never again allow anyone else to define your work-related identity or worth?

  • Let go of your previous, work-related identity a little easier – and live into a more personally fulfilling identity?

  • Develop personally meaningful and satisfying goals and priorities to pursue… ones that align with what really matters to you?

  • Identify work-related patterns and behaviors that you really want change, and implement a plan for changing them. 

  • Just stop working so very hard - at everything.  To also stop expending same level of emotional/mental investment - on everything?

  • Create some work-life balance and take back some control over your life?

  • Identify some practical strategies which you can use to rebuild your work-related confidence and self-esteem?

  • Eliminate some of the "must do's... have to's... should do's" in your life - so you can focus more on what really matters to you? 

  • Simplify your life by figuring out all the things that drain or waste your energy - and ultimately wear you out?

  • Create personal strategies to work smarter - instead of harder and harder? 

  • Let go of the pressure to always do everything perfectly or right now?

  • Set more boundaries and just say "No" a little more often?

  • Get more fun and relaxation into your life?


Or are you experiencing any of these major life transitions?

  • Major geographic relocation.

  • Empty nest or other loss of purpose.

  • Midlife crisis or strong desire to just "walk away from your life?"

  • Graduated from high school or college/university and you have no idea what to do next?

I am confident I help you.  



So, what are some of the things YOU most want to achieve? 

Are you fed up with how things are?

Are you ready to seriously reduce your stress and change your life?


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