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Powerful Questions


The free coaching questions that follow are examples of "powerful questions" that a life coach may ask you during coaching sessions. Please enjoy them as my gift to you. Take the time to reflect on these questions, and see what comes up for you!


Coaching is all about asking you powerful questions.  I will help you fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. 


As a life coach, my role is not to give you advice or suggestions to "fix" your situation.  My job in part is to ask you all sorts of powerful questions to help you clarify issues, stimulate new ways of thinking about your situation, explore new possibilities, obtain a fresh perspective, move out of your comfort zone, decide on a course of action, etc.


Of course during actual coaching sessions, I listen deeply, and then tailor my questions specifically to you and your unique situation. This is very reflective conversation, where my role as a coach is to ask you questions that really make you think about your life.  I have done my job if you say to me something like, "Hey, that's a good question.  I've never really thought about that before!"  


As your life coach, I invest my time and energy into assisting you to achieve your goals.  I will help you get from where you are right now to where you most want to be - while at the same time being your constant encourager and accountability partner, your trusted confidante, and your biggest supporter and cheerleader!


So, I am not going to say that the real life coaching process is always easy. You would be asked some tough stuff - questions that will create some discomfort or even fear, questions you would prefer to just side-step, questions that may bring up some things that you just don't want to admit or face - or questions that make you realize that you have no choice BUT to make some necessary changes.   And that's o.k.  That's part of growth and change.  You and I would be in this together. 


But on the other hand, there would be many other questions that will give you the answers which will create excitement and new/renewed motivation to take action towards your goals.  Questions that WILL enable you to move into your new - and more personally meaningful and satisfying - future!


Enjoy the free questions!



Free Coaching Questions:

Awareness: Where are you at right now?

  1. The greatest pain or struggle in my life right  now is__?

  2. What is your greatest challenge right now?

  3. How are things REALLY going in your life right now?

Vision: Where do you want to go?

  1. What activities have you thought about doing - but you have never gotten around to trying?

  2. If you dared say it aloud, what would you make happen in your life?

  3. How would you like your situation to look 1 year from now?

Strategy and Action: How do we get there?

  1. What do you want to accomplish?  What is your specific goal - in ONE sentence?

  2. What strengths and qualities do you have that will assist you in achieving __? 

  3. When will you start?

  4. What is one action you can take in the today towards achieving your goal?

Obstacles: What gets in the way?

  1. What do you really believe about your ability to achieve __?

  2. What holds you back from just going for it?

  3. What obstacles do you expect to encounter as you work towards your goal?

  4. What resources, information or support will help you overcome these obstacles?

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