Life is hard.  And sometimes, it just blindsides and devastates you.


Everyone faces struggles and hardships in their lives.  


No one is immune to pain, loss, or major life change.  


The pain of work stress, family responsibilities or conflicts, medical issues, the loss of a loved one, financial worries or bankruptcy, being a victim of traumatic events or abuse, job loss, fear and uncertainty as you navigate your way through the coronavirus pandemic and all the new normals.  And the list just goes on and on....  


We all struggle to find our way.  At times, we feel overwhelmed and alone.   We long for comfort and hope.  


Experience the lasting comfort that only God's word can provide in "75 Bible Verses to Comfort You Through Hard Times: A Guided Journal."


Written by a Christian life coach, this 459-page guided journal contains 75 comforting bible verses and 372 self-reflection questions (a question a day for a whole year!), to enable you to draw closer to God and to rest in His loving and comforting presence.


Receive God's promises to you and His gentle and loving encouragement.  Be reassured of how very much He loves you and sees all that you are going through.  


Imagine being able to reflect on how God has blessed you and gifted you.  


Be pleasantly reminded of your personal strengths and all the personal challenges and struggles you have already successfully overcome!  


Discover new ideas for deepening your relationship with God and with others in your life.


Explore new possibilities and directions for your life - and opportunities to TAKE ACTION!


And much more!  


Enjoy writing your way through this guided journal!  Make it your own special and private time with God.  


May the bible verses and powerful Christian life coaching questions empower and inspire you!  


May this guided journal provide you with renewed hope and peace.  


But most of all, may “75 Bible Verses to Comfort You Through Hard Times” reveal the comfort to be found in God’s word.


8.5 x 11 PDF download.  Printable - not fillable.   459 pages, 372 self-reflection questions.



75 Bible Verses to Comfort You Through Hard Times: A Guided Journal


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